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The most insane laptop ever

09/18/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
Normally I'd say that Dell was smoking something particularly potent when they created the monstrous XPS M2010 but I know at least one person personally who would probably buy it. The scary thing is that it actually has a battery and runs for about… more »

Oh lordy, not more DRM

09/18/06 | by Adam | Categories: Copyright
One of my hot buttons is, and has been for a while, Digital Rights Management (aka DRM.) The main overall change is that the content (the music, movie or book) is no longer considered to be sold but merely licensed. The ability to then sell your copy… more »

Hell Pizza?

09/18/06 | by Nimble | Categories: Distractions
I was looking at threads on Fark as usual and someon had posted a funny billboard as an ad for, well, the sign just listed at the bottom. So what is hell, then? About the funniest site for a pizza place I've ever seen. All the pizzas have… more »