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Passing Through The Land of Fish 'n' Chips

We are in Epsom with my folks, a last stop before coming back home... tomorrow! To recap the last few days... We spent another night at the Chavda. I got Dena upstairs in time to catch the included breakfast, but the breakfast was disappointing (as it… more »


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Nairobi Redux

Back in Nairobi. The story so far... From Kampala, we went to Jinja (still in Uganda) for an unprecedented three days (it's been mostly moving every day). We took a banda, and had a luxury tent upgrade booked for the last day (mid-trip, I thought it… more »


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Back in Kampala

The odd deal with splitting us into two groups in Rwanda to see the gorillas was one of the small scams they often pull over there, apparently. It's so that they can get two vehicle transfers out of you, doubling your fee, of course. They sent one group… more »