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Hidden Songs In The Key Of X

08/20/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology
A while ago, I picked up "Songs In the Key of X" which was a tribute (?) album to the X-Files. I remember hearing a few years ago that there was a hidden track on it. The track (two actually) exist in slot 0 (i.e. before the CD starts, and don't get… more »

Review: Creative Soundblaster Wireless Music

08/20/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Reviews
Summary: The Creative Soundblaster Wireless is a 802.11b MP3 player designed to feed digital music into a stereo from an archive elsewhere. Part 1: History When a review starts "I really wanted this to work well", you know it's not going to be a… more »

Poor business practices

08/20/06 | by Adam | Categories: Technology, Whining
A while ago I was pretty positive about a Palm application called WorldMate Pro. It's a traveller's companion including all sorts of conversion factors, world weather reports, airline flight checker and so on. It looked nice and worked pretty well. When… more »