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Countdown to Africa

07/11/06 | by Nimble | Categories: Journal, Thoughts, Travel
The big safari is nearly upon us! I must admit, I'm getting nervous, although I feel a little better knowing our tickets are available for pickup (I thought I'd picked them up and forgotten where they were; we booked this quite a while ago!) I'm going… more »

A Passel of Swahili Books

07/11/06 | by Nimble | Categories: Reviews, Books
Colloquial Swahili What this book has going for it are a number of natural conversations, some good attention-gettings ("Hebu!") and the likes of how to invite people and turn down invitations, and some pretty clear grammar sections. What's… more »

Nick Matzke on Evolution

07/11/06 | by Nimble | Categories: Thoughts, Science
(A side note: I know there's a lot of jargon in here. One of these days, I'll have to tackle one jargonesque term at a time and try to bring it to a public level. In the meantime, if there's something that looks interesting but total Greek, just ask) A… more »