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The Broken Plate

This is a fine little restaurant in the northwest of Calgary up by Crowfoot Crossing; a good spot for Greek food. Reservations are recommended for Saturday. The appetizers were nice; we got the Greek platter, which had dolmades (stuffed grape leaves),… more »
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I got to play with this oddball gem of a program for the Nintendo DS the other day. The idea of this program is to help you keep up your prefrontal cortex activity. Dr. Ryuta Kawashima designed it, and I'm guessing it is he that is embodied in the… more »
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Alternative Cosmology Group

What got me going again was someone asking about the source of a very cool dodecahedral WMAP cutout on Vincent Icke's web page. Well, I thought I'd put my Googling skills to the test again. I didn't find the source, unfortunately, but I was appalled at… more »