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No Free Hunch

In following the "Intelligent Design" debate, when I'm not getting a bit sick to my stomach, I must admit to being thankful for the occasional humourous distraction. The No Free Hunch list (a take off on Dembski's paper "No Free Lunch", which I've… more »


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Inventions To Cause The Downfall of Society

I was musing over a theoretical invention that could cause society's downfall. No, it's not telepathy, though I'm sure that would do it. If there ever was a device that let you hear what people said for the next ten seconds after you hung up the phone,… more »
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X-Men : The Last Stand

We went to see this today, and quite enjoyed it. It's a little uneven in some plot points and flat in some interaction and fight scenes, but it was overall very enjoyable, and they certainly upped the stakes here. Grand altercations and a few surprises… more »


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Simpsons : The Monkey Suit Episode

I didn't really think the Simpsons would take on a stronger evolution versus creationism episode... but they did, and while the ending was a little bit 'diluted' from my own views, all in all, I'm pretty impressed at the way it was handled. The… more »


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I've liked Bethesda's series of games for quite a while now. Daggerfall, Morrowind and now Oblivion. Oblivion is an epic quest in the same style as its predecessors. The same use-it-and-gain-it skill system is there: if you run a lot, your Athletics… more »
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Not... Learning... Fast... Enough...

This article almost seems to me to be satire. Is it? Probably not. Perhaps it's just the tone of the article that irks me. Well, it's definitely that: But at the same time teachers are becoming more comfortable with using eMail, students have largely… more »