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Misquoting Jesus : Bart D. Ehrman

The subtitle on this book: "The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why". This is an extremely interesting book, all about the changes, intentional or otherwise, that occurred in the New Testament and in the source materials for the New Testament,… more »


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Language Exchange and The Kamusi Project

Here's an interesting little site, essentially the modern-day equivalent of seeking out pen pals in other countries, but with an eye to learning languages. There are a lot of people online, with varying levels of skill in varying languages. I'm learning… more »
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Evolution For Teachers

Berkeley has a great, simple, straightforward site for teachers on evolution. In the wake of the recent expansion of fundamentalist (at its core) attacks on evolution despite a century and a half of solid science behind it, it's especially heartening to… more »
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Trying To Sneak Intelligent Design into New York State

Of all places that should be relatively immune to Intelligent Design Conjecture, but there's work afoot trying to get a bill through again that would make Intelligent Design part of the curriculum. That these bills come up so often and get so far is… more »


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Clothing In A Can

Clothing in a can, who'd've thunk? I mean, you can make clothing of a sort out of silly string, but it's not all that practical. Mind you, this company is early days, but it's fun to think about. Insta-turban. The Modesty Patrol. The next level of… more »


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Adding Insult to Jailery

After having suffered through a lot of comment spam this past week (not just on my blogs, but on the gardening forums as well), it was nice to reflect on the Secret Service catching Adam Vitale and Todd Moeler, but it's been more interesting to watch… more »
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Animal Experiments I'd Like to See

A while back, when we were chatting to someone who works for the Calgary Zoo, we heard tales of the extremely tame porcupine that alarmingly wanted up on peoples' laps. That led me to thinking, in addition to Dena telling me that there's now a… more »


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Jamie Oliver Cookware

These pots and pans seem to have been T-Fal coming up with minor modifications on their line for Jamie Oliver. We had this on our gift registry at the Bay when it was half off, and by their registry rules, we got it at the sale price even months after… more »


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The Aristocrats

We rented this one on DVD, along with Deuce Bigalo: European Gigolo (even for light-hearted entertainment, Deuce Bigalo II was somewhat of a stinker). You know what? We couldn't even watch the first ten minutes. We skipped through the rest of the… more »
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On The Eyeway

Well, I've got off and gotten myself a pair of glasses, my first in years upon years. I've been a contact lens wearer since the end of high school, and I sat on and destroyed my last pair of glasses some time ago. I don't remember when. This is so that… more »


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Seedy Saturday

The University of Calgary Community Garden is holding a Seedy Saturday this year on March 25 at the Montgomery Community Centre. It seems to be some sort of deal where folks sell and exchange open-pollinated seed, with an eye towards foodstuffs.… more »


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Europe 2005 Trip - Part I

This is going to take a while to put it together - I've barely covered the Geneva part of the trip, but I thought I might as well get a start on it. See the first part of the adventure here :) more »


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Comment Spammers Redux

Got comment-spammed this morning. Thirty-one comment spams between 4:53 AM and 5:00 AM. I get the sense that my web space provider was been doing some maintenance this morning. I think... I might be pretty thankful for that. Just semi-random crap from… more »
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Prize Number Seven

I got a letter a while back from the people running the contest for International Truck & Engine, to the effect that I had won fourth prize in their contest, which was a remote-controlled vehicle. How cute, I thought. This makes my seventh win in… more »
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Odd Male Quail

Button quails. Nice ground dwelling-birds. We've got two, and a new canary. Nice ground-dwelling birds sitting on the ground. So what goes through a quail's head when he decides to do this: more »


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Optical SETI

The Planetary Society sponsors an odd variety of space activities, like the Earth Dials and the Huygens microphone that let us hear the sounds of Titan. Their solar sail program suffered a major setback last year when the Volna launch vehicle failed… more »