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Sam Brownback

I just read an article on Rolling Stone about this man, and it personifies everything that frightens me about the theocratization movements south of the border. It's a long article, but the thrust of Sam Brownback can be understood from a few quotes...… more »
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Kingdom Hearts

This game was a surprise. It's one of the oddest concepts I've come across in a while - Final Fantasy meets Disney - but the truly strange thing is that it works, and even soaked-to-the-bone surety that running around with Goofy and Donald by your side… more »


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Diet Rite Comes To Canada!

Well, at least to a store near me :) I encountered these at the local Sobey's (anyone know what the deal is that had most but not all IGAs turning into a Sobey's?) in three flavours: cola, red raspberry and tangerine. This is another Splenda-sweetened… more »


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BAD Medicine : Christopher Wanjek

This is a great book of bad and questionable medical practices, both modern (shark cartilage, dilutions in homeopathy) and older (bloodletting and using mercury). It's pretty readable, and paints an interesting picture, especially of modern-day society… more »


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Dark Matter, Missing Planets & New Comets : Tom van Flandern

What can I say about Tom van Flandern? Crank isn't quite the right term. Tom has some crankish ideas. He also has some interesting-but-not-mainstream ideas. However, he has a good background, has not gone off the deep end, and has made his own… more »


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How To Touch A Live Wire

File under Uncommon Common Sense... Was talking to a coworker of mine whose father apparently used to put together his own televisions and radios in his home country, and learned a small, very salient piece of common-sense advice. If you want to touch… more »


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The New Conservatives

Normally, I don't get much up in arms about politics up here, but I've been worried. The Liberal party has been embroiled in financial scandals - mild compared to US and even Alberta - yet telling of an abuse of incumbency. In olden days I would have… more »


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More Heralds of the LED Revolution

One of these days, I want to get a projector. It seemed like such a lost cause to go looking for one, though, not just because of the space around here, but because I thought something else would be coming over the horizon soon. I thought LEDs would be… more »


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Horizon Meats

The traditional butcher shop is a pretty hard thing to find these days. Actually, we were mostly on the hunt for strange meats to take to our friend Adam's mostly-traditional "stones" meal for new years (cooking on slabs of rock heated with an… more »