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Tales of Outsourcing

A friend of mine related their experience with outsourcing to India. This may not be the way it happens everywhere, but I found it most interesting, since it shows that the promise of outsourcing does not necessarily match what it delivers. It's not… more »
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Quantum Reality : Nick Herbert

Full title: Quantum Reality | Beyond the New Physics This is a pretty appealing book about the mysteries of quantum physics. If you know a little math (no calculus required) and perhaps the way sound waves work, this is a great introduction to what… more »


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Accidents Happen

Got in an accident over the weekend. Was sandwiched between two cars. Nobody was injured, but my poor car's left eye popped out, as it were... more »


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Just a reminderr, landlubbers and mateys... and Metis, that today be the day ye arrre best advised to talk like a pirate, arrrr, for 'tis Talk Like A Pirate Day. I've been mighty downcast e'er since the days yon cutter we commandeered sunk in the Bow… more »


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No spies or anarchy here, at least in the traditional sense. I'm talking here about a magnificent little version control system, and if you're programming or even maintaining documents, it is a godsend. more »


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Weird Movies: Code 46

Here's a short and sweet movie review. Remember Agatha from Minority Report? She's back in another science fiction movie. This is a very interesting "exploration of the future" movie, but it doesn't really... go anywhere. There's no space travel,… more »


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I just get such a kick out of the satire of Intelligent Design that has been catching on, that of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. more »


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Smell Of Demeter

We located twelves bizarre scents in a display in the Chinook Centre Shopper's Drug Mart. We were looking at them, head tilted, at the names of the fragrances, things like "Dirt", "Wet Garden" and "Sugar Cookie". So we picked up "Dirt" and gave it a… more »
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Townhouse Finally On Sale!

After months of not living there and having precious little time to clean it out, the place is bare and has been put up for sale! It took concerted effort to clean the place out. High, high kudos to Dena and her parents for helping out. I like my… more »