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Zuerich - The Cursed City

Arguably, and inexplicably, the worst destination of the lot. It had a good side, but as you will be able to tell through my tale, behind this fair city lies a strange, brooding chaos... the mirror image of "having all one's ducks in a row"... more »


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München - Part II

Two tours of foot-pounding duty have we accomplished so far. Two days ago, we went on the Dachau tour. Our tour guide was excellent, if a little far to the side of making sure we fully-imagined every conceivable horror as we went along (I wish I knew… more »


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Our next destination after Veneza was Salzburg, city founded on a fortune made from mining salt (there is no corresponding Pfefferburg for any pepper mines that I can tell), a destination recommended by Dena´s parents for its "Salzerlebnis" (salt… more »
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München - Part I?

Okay, perhaps this is a little premature, seeing as we just got here, but I´m in an Internet cafe with a 24-hour time window, so I´ll tell you about München so far :) This is such a familiar style of city. Bigger and busier than home,… more »
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After Geneva, our travel plans were somewhat open; I had asked for an extra week in the middle, and they gave it to us. I had in mind some sort of lazy ellipse around Europe, either around to the north (through France, maybe Holland... though that was a… more »


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Geneva and Lyon

The first part of our trip is going extremely well so far. Garnier paid for 7 nights of accomodations and the flights to and from Switzerland, so we took four nights in Geneva to get our feet, and spent the time planning the spare unpaid-for week in the… more »


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Mouse Races

I was changing the mice cages just yesterday, and thought I'd try the movie feature of the Fuji Finepix 440 (a tiny camera; great for travel). I had just put the female mice in a new terrarium, and had moved over their wheel. This sole piece of… more »