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Language Learning Books

I love languages. I love learning languages. So it will come as no surprise that I own quite a few language-learning books. It's a very uneven field of quality and helpfulness out there. Sometimes you can weed them out by thumbing through them in the… more »


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No Work Garden : Bob Flowerdew

I picked this up on sale; a quick flip through the book gave me an inkling is was a good book. Indeed, it is. Bob Flowerdew, with his all-too-appropriate-sounding name (though a web search turns out other people with the same last name) is a popular… more »


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Sin City

This... is an intriguing movie. Violent, gory, mostly black-and-white with spots of colour, stylized, film noir. It's a living, gangster comic book with a sassy edge. Ang Lee's The Hulk got the comic book feel down with camera shots. This doesn't have… more »


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Tugging On Heart Guitar Strings

Was reading through an entry on Tom's blog re: music theory, and was inspired to dredge up one of my own pet hypotheses. The hypothesis, and I'd be surprised if it hasn't been investigated, is that harmonics in music reflect the more subtle harmonics… more »


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Edward's Garden Center

As far as Calgary garden centers go, I really like this quirky, small garden center out in Bowness. It's shocking how much the employees like plants. No, love plants. I swear they'd take them all home if they could. They can identify most plants at ten… more »


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Icy Dead People

I am glad that Terri can finally rest in peace. I hope that Michael can heal, and that the parents can finally start coming to terms with her passing. Not two days afterwards, Pope John Paul II, an extremely engaging emissary of the Catholic faith,… more »